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We Charge Colonialism (WCC) is an Afrikan anti-colonial think tank dedicated to creating educational resources for the freeing of the Afrikan masses from the colonial system.

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Our Beliefs

Afrikans on the Continent of Afrika are still colonial subjects to Western Imperialists, who largely rule Africa through neocolonialism. Africans in America (and other Western societies) are living in communities that are de facto colonies, called internal colonialism, identical to that which a colonized country experiences from a colonizer.
Africans are due both external and internal self-determination, that is the right to self-governance in our communities and countries in areas where states infringe on our liberties and freedoms, deliberately or inadvertently.
Africans are due reparations to repair the damage inflicted upon us from centuries of Western government-sanctioned exploitation and oppression.
Wherever we are based, whatever our journey, we (Black people) are Afrikans, on the Continent and in the Diaspora.
COMMUNALISM We are anti-capitalism and lift up Afrikan communalism & cooperative economics as the ultimate liberating tool against White supremacy.
The ultimate liberation of Afrikans is inextricably tied to the liberation of Afrikans throughout the African Diaspora and on the Continent of Afrika. Therefore, Afrikans must unite.
While we support the choice to remain wherever we’re based, we recognize revolutionary repatriation as the only true option for freedom and sovereignty for Afrikans in hostile colonial territory not indigenous to us, such as America.
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"Great show.. that was a great point The brother frank made on Human rights, I could listen to a whole show on that alone."

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"You guys are really putting in the work. I can’t resist giving you some feedback. It’s precious the information that you make available. Without it, those of us in struggle would not know our way or how we came to it. You are laying the infrastructure to connect us necessary to move forward… Thank you."

- YouTube Comment